Comprehensive evaluation- I like to get to know the people I work with. Many times there are social and environmental factors that play a part in ones well being.  The Naturopathic approach considers more factors than physical symptoms since wellness is an energy state as much as it is a physical state.  Please take the time to fill out the intake form before you come in. We will spend time discussing the issues your are having and will use the information to consider possible causes. 

Reams Testing - In simple terms this is a urinalysis. In order to target mineral deficiencies in the body we must first test for a loss. We can then take an educated approach to changing the diet. Many issues are also related to the improper functioning of the liver. Checking the urine for markers related to the hormones and enzymes being produced/eliminated is the best way to investigate the function of the liver, pancreas and adrenal glands. 

Muscle Response Testing (M.R.T.)- Food allergies/sensitivities are a very common problem. One reason the body forms mucus (kapha) is as a protection mechanism for a food particle it is sensitive too. Poor digestion of food can lead to tiny food particles passing through the intestinal wall into the blood stream. Depending on the molecular structure of the particle the body could form a histamine reaction which will typically cause the classic allergy/sensitivity symptoms. By checking the body's energy resistance to common foods such as rice, nuts...etc we can make an educated guess on which foods you may be having issues with. We can then recommend a targeted diet and a food logging system to help you pay more attention to your food intake. In doing so you will be able to fine tune which foods are the most troublesome. 

Nutritional coaching- The liver is the largest organ in the body. It works by taking nutrients from the intestinal tract via the portal vain. Once there the liver will decipher which nutrients to use, which to store and which to discard. Eating too much or eating too little can have the same detrimental effects as eating the wrong thing. In Ayurvedic tradition there are three body types (doshas) to consider when addressing nutrition. Fasting may be appropriate or it may not depending on your current nutritional status and your dosha. Cleansing may also be the appropriate way to restore proper liver function and we will discuss this in much detail. 

Herb Counseling- In western medicine which is termed allopathic there is a monumental focus on prescribing a pharmaceutical to alleviate symptoms.  Many of these pharmaceuticals have roots in plants and herbs. Pharmaceutical companies are unable to patent and sell herbs since they occur naturally in nature however they are able to patent the active compound (the assumed active compound actually!) Herbs and plants can be used as a compliment to an existing diagnosis or as a replacement. Herbs, plants and foods used to effect change in the body is the safest and most beneficial long term. The molecular components in these items all have a purpose and should never be isolated. God intended for us to eat these things for good health and did not intend for us to eat man made food which causes harm to the body and then try to correct and mask the problems with manmade medicines

Men Specific Issues-As we men age we have certain conditions that should be addressed. Proper prostate care is of upmost importance. Sexual desire and or proper sexual function is also a concern for many. The body produces many chemicals and hormones to regulate the body's activities and addressing these issues, with a targeted herbal and nutrition approach, can usually reinstitute proper functioning without the unwanted side effects of a pharmaceutical. 

Iridology-This is the study of imperfections and subtle markings in the eye that gives clues to how the human organism is functioning. The eye has 24,000 nerve endings attached to it and it is also the only place in the body you can physically see the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic system regulates most actions that the body never has to think about such as breathing, digesting and stress hormone release. The system is further divided into 2 subgroubs called the parasympathetic and the sympathetic. By understanding your individual energy state and your unique constitution we can begin to uderstand how your body procceses nutrients. For intance, pharmeceuticals generally put the cells in to a stressed state where they operate as if the body is in a state of constant fear. This is called the sympathetic state. The cells will literally stop absorbing nutrients in preference of stess hormones such as adrenaline. If we know that 80% of the population is on some sort of pharmeceutical and we know that nutrients cure disease through cellular absorbtion  we can begin to see our potential as a population for disease. Iriodology can help steer us in the right direction.