Lyme Disease Education

My wife and I have developed a successful program to treat all the symptoms associated with a Lyme Disease diagnosis. We have a unique approach that encompasses the psychological aspects, which are often the most overlooked and misunderstood, as well as a nutritional program to rebuild your health entirely. This combination of education and support is what makes change successful. I have personally beaten Lyme and the hardest thing for me was finding the right information that was cost effective. The internet is full of things for you to buy to help you resolve your symptoms but the plain truth is just taking something is not enough. The most important aspect to regain your health is to focus on the toxic things you need to get rid of both physically and mentally.  At our facility we focus on nutrition, detoxing, outdoor exercise and food education. Knowledge is power and we have developed a 10 day, 9 course program to teach you how to take your life back.

*We offer the 9 part training series in a 10 day course at our retreat center or spaced out over a 9 week period with 1 class per week. Both include all supplements necessary for recovery. 

Our Retreat Center is surrounded by 6000 acres of old growth Indiana forest. It's the perfect place to recharge and get inspired. Each program is taught in our outdoor pavilion that overlooks the property as the weather permits. You can learn more about the retreat center here

The classes for the 9 week program are held at our office in Zionsville, IN and can be done on evenings, weekends or a long lunch.



Daily Seminars

-Detoxification and Digestion

Proper digestion of food is paramount to a properly functioning immune system. If your immune system is burdened by toxic waste it will take years to heal. The simple truth that no one talks about is that it's not what you take in but what you get rid of that's the most important aspect of healing. 

-Bacteria proliferation

Lyme is a bacteria and bacteria is a part of our world. We teach how to live intently to allow the body to fight the bad bacteria for you. The body is designed to work 24 hours a day to keep you healthy. You are not designed to take an antibiotic daily for the rest of your life. We must accept and understand the presence of bacteria to know how to beat Lyme. 

-Immune and Lymphatic System

The lymphatic System is a very misunderstood operating system of the body. It's understanding is crucial to you getting better. It has no pump like the circulatory system which uses the heart. The lymphatic system uses your skeletal muscles to push dead cells and waste matter out of the body. Bacteria (Lyme) will reproduce in dead cells making the removal of them very important. The proper operating of the lymphatic system reduces the burden on the Immune System which makes you feel better quicker. The best way to activate the Lymphatic system is through light exercise and our facility is surrounded by 6000 acres filled with miles and miles of hiking trails.

-Healing properties of Food

Food can heal you. Period. It's your choice to educate yourself on how to eat and I realize that task is daunting. Every diet seems to have the answer. We teach the sequence of eating as well as nutrient density more than we teach what not to eat. In a clean body you can eat almost whatever you want however you have Lyme symptoms because your body has remained toxic and you need to change for a while. It's not your fault! The food industry is stacked against you and America ranks 37th in overall health compared to other civilized nations primarily because of their poor diet. Learning the best choices for food in everyday life situations is key. Learning to choose food that will break down wholly is the answer and not something like a calorie restricting diet.

-Habit modification

We all have these and if we really paid attention to them we might see the residual build up and nutritional consequences of them. Coffee for instance is an acidic food. Taken in small quantities it causes very little harm however, 20 years of 4 cups a day and never balancing the acidic scale with nutrition is a big problem. There is typically a mineral shortage in the body that causes habits or addictions to form. We teach you what those are and focus on balancing the scales nutritionally. 

-Autonomic Nervous System

This is the part of the body designed to do the work so you don't have to think about it. Just as your thermostat keeps your house comfy all day long after it's set, your Autonomic Nervous System will do the same for your body. It essentially tells the cells what to absorb and cellular absorption is the only reason we are alive. It's imperative to allow the body to sleep, relax, create, think, dream, laugh, breath and cry. Most if not all pharmaceuticals keep the body in a stressed state at the cellular level. This is like your thermostat staying set at 50 degrees all day making your body very uncomfortable. This manifests itself into symptoms like anxiety, stress, worry, fear, anger, frustration and disease. The answer is not to take another  pharmaceutical. 

-Lyme Symptoms & Allergy elimination

The symptoms are generally fatigue, muscle cramps and arthritis. Lyme feeds off of the mineral Manganese and not Iron therefore manganese supplementation is usually needed.  Manganese combats fatigue because it helps regulate blood sugar levels. Muscle cramps can be a sign of calcium deficiency and arthritis is usually a sign of the inability to absorb calcium.  Lyme will typically persist due to mineral deficiency's that are causing malfunctions in the body. Some of these malfunctions can be identified as allergies. We can identify these deficiencies and provide the nutritional antidotes and bioelectrical stimulation to remove these allergies. This process lowers the burden on the immune system allowing it to fight the bacteria completely. 

-Counseling and social support

The mental health aspect of diagnosis can be traumatizing. I know what it's like to come home after being labeled "diseased". How do you tell your spouse? What does this mean for your job, your kids? If you have chronic Lyme and have suffered from depression, the need to talk to someone who specializes in mental health is an absolute necessity. We have daily individual meetings to monitor your concerns and success. When you start feeling better and have learned to live differently, introducing your healthy self back to society will most likely have it's challenges as well and it's important to be prepared for them. 

-Yoga, Meditation and "Exercise"

As we have discussed before, movement of the Lymphatic System waste is imperative for you to get healthy. There are many misconceptions about how to exercise and we will show you what to do and how to exercise properly. There are miles of hiking trails, a yoga pavilion and the Sugar Creek river has many wonderful water activities available like canoeing and fishing.  We have daily time allotted for all of these so you can incorporate these activity into your daily routine. 




$500 per day or paid in full for a 10% discount at $4500.

We offer financing of 6 months no interest.  Click here for details.  

*The program will take 10 days covering the topics above. The program includes lodging, all meals, supplements, vitamins, instructional materials and programming. The program spans a Friday-Sunday allowing you to use vacation and only miss 1 week of work. 

 Your spouse or parent may come with you and attend all courses for free and will only have to pay for the additional meal cost per day which is $100 per day.

We find in order to change successfully long term it helps for your family to understand and support what you're going through.  

All classes are held at our retreat center located in Waveland, IN

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$150 per class or $1350 total.  10% discount if paid in full. 

We offer financing of 6 months no interest.  Click here for details.  

*Each class covers the topics above will take 1.5 hours. All recommended supplements are included. The classes can be scheduled at your convenience and are recommended to be completed in 9 consecutive weeks. Being able to learn, practice and then build on that foundation is the key to success. 

My wife is a psychotherapist who specializes in the mental health aspects of getting Lyme and getting healthy. One class focuses on the importance of this counseling and is included.  

Please contact us for more information and scheduling. 


All classes are held at our office in Zionsville, IN

To apply for 6 months interest free finance click here

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