Below are just a few topics we'll discuss


1. What is your belief system? 

2. What is immunology vs vaccination? 

3. What do all the ingredients mean?

4. How are vaccines prepared?

5. Are all vaccines required?

6. Do I have to use the current schedule?

7. What is informed consent?

8. What are the risks?  

9. What are the neurological risks? 



The mandatory vaccine schedule is daunting and the amount of information is absolutely exhausting. How does anyone know where to start?  If you questions and what to get educated I can help. This is my specialty. 

My dissertation was 72 pages and primarily focused on why we can't talk about this issue as a society as well as a comparison to a more God based approach.  The focus was primarily on the polarization of the topic in our society today and why is it such a problem to ask questions to become educated on a procedure that is unquestionably invasive. There is no reason not to ask questions, identify the risks and benefits so you can make an informed decision. 


We need open discussion and education 


I can help you navigate through the entire process and explain what no doctor takes the time to talk about. It's not that they don't care, they simply  don't have the time to provide true informed consent. It's beneficial to everyone to know how to approach your doctor with questions and how to ask to schedule an appointment for questions. This should be a separate appointment scheduled for just that. 

-My personal story-

We found our pediatrician when my son, our first, was the age of two to ask questions about an alternative schedule. The doctor told me he actually didn't vaccinate any of his children until college. We decided to wait until my son was 4 to initiate the first vaccine and when we went back to the same pediatrician he informed us that he no longer offered an alternative schedule and we were not even allowed into his practice if we weren't wiling to comply completely with the catch up schedule? It turns out during those two years we waited his practice became part of the IU Health Network and he was forced to stop offering an alternative schedule. The worst part was that the original patience and understanding we received were replaced by cruelty, judgement and non acceptance.  


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