About me..


    The story of how I became a Natural Doctor is a personal one. I was bitten by a tick and diagnosed with Lyme Disease five years ago. It changed my life. In my career as a professional pilot and captain of a private charter airline for executive clients, this diagnosis could have been disastrous. Lyme disease is notorious for giving the host chronic pain in all the joints, fatigue and some have even been wheel chair bound. Because of the strict medical standards for my profession, I would have obviously lost my flying certificates.  I have always been what I considered a healthy person. I was a runner and exercised often. I was in pretty good shape and thought I ate quite well. I have always enjoyed a good salad. To be so randomly bitten by a tick and then to hear all of the negative stories about people with chronic complications associated with Lyme scared me.

So, I went to the library. I already knew about the negative effects of antibiotics so I read everything I could find on food and holistic healing. Something in me told me that eating clean, detoxing and working with the body made sense. I now know that voice I heard to be God. I listened. I went on a raw food diet, bought a juicer and stopped eating meat, milk and dairy. I developed my own routine based on monitoring my pain level and how foggy my mind felt. It took roughly 30 days for me to accept my fate, find the correct information and to then implement it. The next 30 days consisted of trial and error. The following 30 I saw remarkable changes. I lost 30 pounds, my mind was clear, I had no pain and was running about 25 miles a week. I decided to train for a half marathon and successfully completed it in just a little over 2 hours within the next 30 days. No one was there to greet me at the finish line. It was just me and my problem. For all anyone else knew, I was just running to stay in shape. But it was more than that for me. I had completely transformed my health. I was knocked down, got up, fought back and won. 

     Since then I have found my true love of nutrition, body mechanics and wild food. I completed my Doctorate of Naturopathy in October of 2015 which encompasses all of these things. My wife and I have established a healing center called Sugar Creek Retreat located in Montgomery County, Indiana where we teach nutrition, yoga, wild food foraging and holistic health techniques. I truly feel God has a path for me and I am on it. I feel as though I can help with the struggles people have because I have been through it. I know how hard a lifestyle change is. What I have found to be remarkably true is that knowledge is power. The more I learned, the less dramatic the change needed to be. Subtle additions or subtractions and targeted nutritional routines based on the body's natural rhythms can have profound effects. This is why I teach. "Docere" is latin for Doctor which means teacher. I simply hope to " teach a man to fish"  and keep people motivated by providing the correct information and explanations for how God designed the body to function.